Tired of sucking in your tummy every time a good-looking person enters the elevator? Or worried about your love handles not getting enough love? Most of us who’ve struggled with weight have always wished for a quick way to lose belly fat fast.

If you are someone looking to get a perfect body with toned muscles and a flat belly, this article is for you. You can achieve fitness sooner than you think by following these 10 simple steps that will not only help you lose weight but also give you a perfect body.

You MUST know this is you’re looking to lose belly fat fast

Getting the perfect body needs a combination of two factors: Diet and Exercise Diet + Exercise combined = Fast fat loss

  • Diet is the primary reason for weight loss. Eating the right foods can help you lose weight very quickly (read more on healthy food choices on my blog here) but weight loss doesn’t equal a great body!


  • Exercise is the ideal complement to a healthy diet – literally the icing on the cake (do pardon the irony :))


The magic 10 steps to Lose Belly Fat Fast (and more)

  1. Goal setting and sharing: This is where it all starts. You need to set yourself clear, realistic goals. Have an end goal forweight and waist size. Then break your goals down to weekly milestones that you want to achieve and share it with friends and family. This will motivate you to achieve your goalsGoal Setting
    You will get maximum impact of your efforts in the first two weeks and then weight loss will be slower (your body simply has less fat to lose)
  2. Eat Well NOT Less: I’ve touched upon the importance of following the right diet in my blog post here so do check it out. (Skip to the ” know what you eat section). In short, minimize carbs and have a protein rich diet. Fat is OK but avoid fat for higher impact
  3. Use Supplements: This is a tricky one. Most people think of supplements as risky or simply frauds – the short answer is the supplements industry wouldn’t be billions of dollars if they were just cheating people! But, and this is important, SUPPLEMENTS ALONE WILL NOT DELIVER YOUR GOALS. You should use supplements with exercise for maximum impactUse SAFE SupplementsAlso, be aware that not all supplements are equal or safe. Be careful in selecting the right supplements that will aid your goal of getting losing belly fat fast and ensure that they are FDA approved. I will soon do a review of different supplements for weight loss so watch this space for more
  4. Exercise: As your diet and supplements work on burning excess body fat, your exercise routine should focus on shaping your body. You should ideally work out 3 – 4 times a week.This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is important to select the right exercises. BRACE YOURSELF FOR THIS: Running and/or crunches are NOT VERY EFFECTIVE in helping you lose belly fat fast (they’re probably right at the bottom somewhere)
    1. I recommend a combination of Squats and Deadlifts or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Both exercises are far more effective in burning belly fat and giving your body a better shape
    2. If you haven’t done weight training before, get a personal trainer for a month or so to learn the right way to exercise.
    3. HIIT, my personal favorite, will have your body burning calories even after you finish your exercise and doesn’t require any equipment. The catch? It’s called high intensity for a reason. (Check out the video below for a quick look at HIIT)
  5. Drink: (No – Not Alcohol :)) Drink a lot of water, especially before meals. It makes you feel full, avoiding overeating and helps detox your body. If you’re feeling especially healthy drink, green tea or fruit induced water instead. If no alcohol is a major put off, sweat not – I have some good news for you later
  6. Sleep: A lot of studies show a direct correlation between good sleep and weight loss. So, clear up your evening schedule and try to get 8 hours of slumber for weight lossA good night's sleep can do wonders for weight lossAlthough the work you’re putting in should help you sleep fast anyway, try to stay away from your cellphones, laptops or TVs at least an hour before you go to sleep. Read a book instead! This will give you a more relaxed sleep and you will feel more refreshed in the morning.
  7. Stand Tall: This is an awesome trick most people miss. Standing and sitting correctly makes you look slimmer instantly! What’s more your body will improve your metabolism (you burn more fat) and give you the most out of your workoutsIf you have bad posture – don’t worry. All you need to do to change it is stand as tall as you can against a flat surface at the start of each day and “carry that height” with you for the rest of the day. You bad posture will start disappearing automatically in a few days
  8. Cheat: This is my personal favorite 🙂 . Let’s face it, no one wants to live like a monk (except maybe monks themselves) Cheat once a weekevery single day. That’s why I love a cheat day once a weekYou are doing 3 things right now: 1. Eating a low carb (no sweet) diet 2. Exercising and 3. Staying off alcohol. On the cheat day you don’t do two of the three. Delightful – isn’t it! This is how it works for me:
    • Pick one of your no exercise days as a cheat day (I do like my drinks so for me it’s Friday)
    • Cheat on either food OR alcohol. That means if I’m going for a long night of drinking I will still stick to ordering high protein food (fried chicken is OK so it’s not so bad 🙂 ). Similarly, if I’m going out for a high carb meal with ice cream at the end, I’ll have one or sometimes two glasses of wine (or beer)
  9. Stay motivated: The best motivation is to measure your progress every day. You need to:Stay motivated
    • Check your weight to see all the pounds you’re losing and feel happy
    • Measure your waistline to check on how you’re doing on your target of losing belly fat fast
    • Take plenty to pictures for your before and after collection
    • Get social about weight-loss: Get a good fitness tracker (if you don’t have one already) and enter virtual competitions. I’ll share my favorite fitness trackers options soon
    • With new technology you can get a lot more information about your body like body fat percentage, BMI, daily calories burnt etc. that you can sync straight to your smartphones. I recommend getting one of those for motivation
  10. Reward yourself: This is probably the most important element of weight loss. Set yourself rewards for achieving different milestones. The rewards don’t have to be related to weight loss (but you may want a brand-new wardrobe as the ultimate gift)

Get a new wardrobe soon

Two Cheat Days in a Row – Don’t give up

We’re all human and will skip a day of exercise or indulge in cheating more than recommended. You know what – it’s fine. You will just take a day or two more to reach your goal – no biggie really. You are still on course to turning heads in the beach and trust me – it’s totally worth it!

Did I say it’s all about losing belly fat fast? It’s not!

Following this program will, of course, give you a better body but you will be helping yourself much more than that. Medically, a few of the many long-term health benefits you should expect include improvement in your blood sugar levels, heart function, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Moreover, better body shape and posture will significantly improve your self-confidence

All the reasons for you to start – right here

Investing in yourself if probably the best decision you can make. In the next two weeks you can expect to:

  • Lose belly fat fast and have a well-toned body with significantly lower weight (people have reported up to 20 pounds) Achievement
  • Feel more relaxed and confident about yourself
  • Feel more energetic than you have in a long, long time
  • Have a circle of virtual friends who will be genuinely pleased with your success
  • Get envious and admiring looks from friends and strangers

So, make your plan and jump right in – it’ll be hard work but a lot of fun as well. If you’re suffering from any medical condition, though, please check with your physician before starting any exercise or diet plan.

Reach out to me on josh@getfastweightloss.com if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help.

Please leave comments below on your journey to lose belly fat fast and motivate us all.

Till next time